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[Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal?   [Q]

By: Nick Williams     West Sussex, England (forum time +5 hrs)  
Date: Sep 05,2017 at 23:45
In Response to: [Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal? (Ryan)

> >#ZTSTART and start.exe
> is there a way to make it run silently? because a console window
> appears and disappers really fast so it is terrible to my eyes. and Start
> /B option doesnt work, but it says in /? that it starts application
> without creating a new window.

START /B does work (I've used it many times), but I don't think it will help in your situation.

You could try START /MIN. The console window is minimised -- all you should see is a button appear in the Windows Taskbar.

The fast appearance and disappearance of the console window may be something to do with the creation and execution of the temporary file, ZTW_MENU.BAT. (I'm not sure about this -- it's just a guess.)

> [...] i learned about #ZTSTART
> several weeks ago, it can let you rename directories from ztreemenu
> which was impossible from the ways i know.

Does the REN (rename) command not work, in [F9] ZTreeWin Menu ? (Don't forget to CD (change directory) if your current directory is IN or BELOW the directory you want to rename.)

Kind regards

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