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[ZEP] Safe saving of ZLOG files please   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Sep 14,2017 at 05:09

I just had some issues with ZTree (2.4.171) where Windows (10 Pro, x64, up-to-date) kept saying it had stopped working. After about 3-4 times (all while setting a filespec) I decided to save the c. 100MB ZLog file (110M files, 7800 dirs, 3 local/6 network drives all partially/selectively logged with care) and exit. It had the same issue and I got a corrupt ZLog file. Is it possible to have safe saving of ZLog files, where it saves it as another file and then deletes/renames (ideally with a .bak)?
Save as temp file
If okay then delete ???.zlog.bak (if exists)
Rename ???.zlog (if exists) to ???.zlog.bak
Rename temp file to ???.zlog

Not sure what the issue with ZTree was, but the xrite app (for the monitor calibrator) was taking too much CPU and after I killed it ZTree works okay again, however I've seen the xrite issue before and haven't had ZTree crash. Hence not putting the issue with ZTree under the release thread as I can't say what happened.

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