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[ZEP] Safe saving of ZLOG files please   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Sep 14,2017 at 17:01
In Response to: [ZEP] Safe saving of ZLOG files please (John Leslie)

> I just had some issues with ZTree (2.4.171) where Windows (10 Pro,
> x64, up-to-date) kept saying it had stopped working. After about 3-4
> times (all while setting a filespec) I decided to save the c. 100MB ZLog
> file (110M files, 7800 dirs, 3 local/6 network drives all
> partially/selectively logged with care) and exit. It had the same issue
> and I got a corrupt ZLog file. Is it possible to have safe saving of ZLog
> files, where it saves it as another file and then deletes/renames
> (ideally with a .bak)?
> i.e.
> Save as temp file
> If okay then delete ???.zlog.bak (if exists)
> Rename ???.zlog (if exists) to ???.zlog.bak
> Rename temp file to ???.zlog
> Not sure what the issue with ZTree was, but the xrite app (for the
> monitor calibrator) was taking too much CPU and after I killed it ZTree
> works okay again, however I've seen the xrite issue before and haven't
> had ZTree crash. Hence not putting the issue with ZTree under the release
> thread as I can't say what happened.

It's not the xrite app as it's done it a few more times, I've upgraded to 2.4.172

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