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[Q] [bug?]and[ZEP] ztw.exe m:\1 11.exe OR m:\1 *.exe... a possible filter bug?   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Sep 17,2017 at 08:35

ZTW [A..Z|path|filter]

Log specified drives | start in named directory | set initial filter
If multiple drives or paths are specified they are logged in the command
line order, then the first one in the list is made active.

i am trying to get to a file in ztree from a console command, and this was the closest option i got from ztw /?

the result was
ztw.exe m:\aaa 11.exe doesnt works
ztw.exe m:\aaa *.exe works

shouldnt 11.exe also be a filter option to isolate a single file you are looking for? because 11.exe works in a "f" filter option. but it doesnt work in ztw.exe command line form against [A..Z|path|FILTER]

is there a way to launch ztree's in this form?

start "" ztw.exe %1

because i have a good batch thinking comming up if it does.

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