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Being helpful   [Q]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Sep 17,2017 at 19:38
In Response to: [Q] a window created by REM #ZTSTART "" doesnt get closed by :EOF? normal? (Nick Williams)

Hi Nick,

I appreciate the time you take to carefully analyze and respond to some of Ryan's numerous questions. While most of us try to be helpful here on the forum, the time it takes to figure out what he is trying to do, and then respond in a helpful manner, is more than I think many of us have the time or patience to do. I especially like your "isAnInteger" solution. Nice work. (I do however see a flaw in it which I'll post in that thread).

I've been writing fairly complex batch command scripts since the DOS days. As I suspect most here did, I learned this simply by using the HELP command, the /? after each of the commands, and reading helpful scripting web sites such as https://ss64.com/nt/ and http://www.robvanderwoude.com/.
Learning how the ZTree F9 Menu commands work was just a matter of taking the time to carefully study and test them.

So until I read your posts I thought I knew just about everything I needed to know about command scripting. But surprise! I had never discovered EXIT /B n. Wow! That is certainly quite useful. :-)


- John

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