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[Q] [bug?]and[ZEP] ztw.exe m:\1 11.exe OR m:\1 *.exe... a possible filter bug?   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Sep 18,2017 at 01:45
In Response to: [Q] [bug?]and[ZEP] ztw.exe m:\1 11.exe OR m:\1 *.exe... a possible filter bug? (Peter Shute)

> I think you might need to use /k to run a macro to get it to go into
> the file window and move to a particular file.

but how can you move the ztree selection bar to the file location in ztree's commands?
because i dont know if ztree has a "go to a file command"

the closest possibility is using ZLS file with macro, but windows explorer will not make a ZLS file, and even if it does, this ZLS file a temp in here. it seems a lot of trouble.


filter will not let you go to a file
treespec will not let you go to a file

the best guess i am working on if windows explorer gives you %1 through its context menu, maybe then i can use 1~nv% sort of thing to link it with a ztree.

why does m:\1 11.exe not work? it is odd to me, 11.exe is a filter too
i hope this would be recognized as a bug, and lead me to a closest proximity to the file.

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