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ok not a bug, it is just a way it is.   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Sep 17,2017 at 23:13
In Response to: [Q] [bug?]and[ZEP] ztw.exe m:\1 11.exe OR m:\1 *.exe... a possible filter bug? (Peter Shute)

> According to the help file command-line filter strings must contain *
> or ? to distinguish them from drive or path names. So that's that,
> can't do it that way.
> You could do this:
> ztw.exe m:\aaa /KENTER,f11.exe,ENTER

thanks for your effort to show me about *
this will do, since it is just related with *, then this can do the trick ztw.exe m:\aaa 11.exe*

ztw.exe m:\aaa 11.exe*
AA=ztw.exe %~d1%~p1 %~n1%~x1&*
i havent tried AA= in a batch yet, but it should work, because i am not sure about &*, i think i can manage this from this point. thanks.

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