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Being helpful   [Q]

By: Nick Williams     West Sussex, England (forum time +5 hrs)  
Date: Sep 19,2017 at 14:45
In Response to: Being helpful (John Gruener)

> Hi Nick,
> I appreciate the time you take to carefully analyze and respond to some
> of Ryan's numerous questions. While most of us try to be helpful here on
> the forum, the time it takes to figure out what he is trying to do, and
> then respond in a helpful manner, is more than I think many of us have
> the time or patience to do. I especially like your "isAnInteger"
> solution. Nice work. (I do however see a flaw in it which I'll post in
> that thread).

Thank you John -- that is most kind. I feel encouraged !

> I've been writing fairly complex batch command scripts since the DOS
> days. As I suspect most here did, I learned this simply by using the HELP
> command, the /? after each of the commands, and reading helpful scripting
> web sites such as https://ss64.com/nt/ and
> http://www.robvanderwoude.com/.

Yes, same here. I started with MS-DOS 1.1. Batch programming isn't really my "thing" though -- I prefer more strongly typed and structured languages like C. I only learned batch programming out of necessity when doing network admin., etc.

> Learning how the ZTree F9 Menu commands work was just a matter of
> taking the time to carefully study and test them.

Yes, agreed.

> So until I read your posts I thought I knew just about everything I
> needed to know about command scripting. But surprise! I had never
> discovered EXIT /B n. Wow! That is certainly quite useful. :-)
> Thanks!

That's what makes this forum so excellent -- we can all learn from each other. The forum dynamics have changed as ZTreeWin has matured, but I really, really hope it keeps going.

Thanks again John.

PS: I've just realised that you live in Orlando. I hope all is well with you, after Hurricane Irma. I was very relieved to see its path veer off to the west of the Florida peninsula -- I bet Tampa was hit hard, though.

Kind regards

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