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Hurricane Irma   [Q]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Sep 20,2017 at 19:21
In Response to: Being helpful (Nick Williams)

> PS: I've just realised that you live in Orlando. I hope all is well
> with you, after Hurricane Irma. I was very relieved to see its path veer
> off to the west of the Florida peninsula -- I bet Tampa was hit hard,
> though.

Irma took down 2 trees on our property, one of which hit the house. Fortunately it doesn't look like it did much damage.

We were without power for 2 days, but tens of thousands in the area, including some less than a mile away, were still without power yesterday, 9 days after the storm. So we feel fortunate.

The damage in Florida has been so widespread because of the size of the storm. Even though it weakened a bit and went up the west coast, those on the east coast where Kim lives still had significant damage.

The Virgin Islands, especially the British, got hit especially hard, and now Maria is plowing through the islands, directly hitting Puerto Rico. Fortunately for us it will veer into the Atlantic away from Florida.

Thanks Nick for your well wishes!

- John

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