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[Discuss] Spinner idea - All Four Corners would be nice   [Discuss]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Oct 26,2017 at 08:31
In Response to: [Discuss] Spinner/timer idea (Peter Shute)

> Don't know if this thread will end up lost if Victor restores from
> backup.
> I was watching the spinner thing while I did a long operation
> yesterday, and thought it might be useful to know how long it had been
> spinning. Perhaps the spinner display could be replaced by the elapsed
> time since the start of the operation for a moment every few seconds.
> Any thoughts?

All my open applications are in overlapping windows, not full-screen, so that ZTW's corner spinners can be visible while operating in the background (among other reasons for not running apps full-screen).

The spinners are only in the LLH and LRH corners. How about adding the spinners to the upper two corners as well? Often only the upper edge of ZTW is visible, so the spinners aren't visible.

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