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[ZEP] New date protection   [ZEP]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Nov 07,2017 at 17:58

Hartmut has suggested, and I wholeheartedly agree, that the New date and Ctrl-New date commands should have the same confirmation protections as Rename and Ctrl-Rename.

The detailed discussion of this starts here:

This ZEP is a summary of our agreed proposal.

The goal is to integrate this feature into the existing CO-4E and CO-6A configuration options, and make these New date commands work as closely as possible to the Rename and Ctrl-Rename command prompts, overrides and recovery.

The only design difficulty in doing this is accommodating the New date 'F2 Now' and 'F4 Timestamp' functions, plus adding an 'F5 Previous' function, all of which function keys are currently used by the New date command for other purposes.

Also, we'd like to reserve F8 for retrieving the opposite side, as discussed in this thread:

Here are the current New date usages of these function keys:

F2 Now
F4 Timestamp (type)
F5 Mode

Here are the suggested new assignments of the New date function keys:

F2 Override
F4 Confirm
F5 Previous
F6 Now
F7 Timestamp (type)
F8 Opposite
F9 Mode

The 'F3 Last' function key would remain unchanged.

So this would be a reassignment of the three New date function keys F2, F4 and F5 to F6, F7 and F9, respectively. The F8 Opposite function could also be done now, or reserve it to be implemented later.

The concern of course in doing this, besides adding additional prompts that did not previously exist in New date, is breaking macros that use the current New date F2, F4 or F5 function keys. In my view the benefit is well worth fixing macros and having an additional confirmation prompt.

Note that for a single-file New date, just like with Rename, if the RSH attributes are not set there would be no additional prompt. And there would be a new F5 Previous option to undo the change.

We're not sure how many folks might be using those function keys in macros, or would object to the same prompts as in Rename and Ctrl-Rename. So it would be good to get other opinions.

- John

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