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[Q] Testing Multiple Zips for Errors?   [Q]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Dec 04,2017 at 22:45
In Response to: [Q] Testing Multiple Zips for Errors? (Dan LeGate)

> Anyone have a good way of testing the integrity of multiple (tens of
> thousands) Zip files for errors?
> I don't need to know what the errors are, just which files have
> issues, if any.
> Ideally, it would be via Ztree, leaving only files which fail still
> tagged... or vice versa, leaving only valid zips tagged.
> The only zipping "engines" have installed w/Ztree are pkzipc.exe
> (dated 2004) and the unzip64.dll built-in, but I'm willing to install
> any other suggested engines if needed.

Does pkzipc.exe support the -test switch? If so then you could use control+batch to set up a batch file to test them all. Note sure if there's a simpler way with wildcards, I've never used that switch.

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