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Progress bar in taskbar button   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Dec 11,2017 at 11:25
In Response to: Progress bar in taskbar button (Martijn Coppoolse)

> It doesn't change either icon or size. The screen shot shown is just
> that way because I've got Windows (7) configured so that it always uses
> full-width taskbar buttons, until the task bar is completely full.
> Here's a random example of what it looks like when Explorer is busy
> (copying or something) on Windows 10:

I get it.

> > I use Viber on my PC and it nicely updates the icon with a number in
> a red circle
> Yes, but that requires drawing on top of the icon. I expect ZTreeWin
> doesn’t have any drawing code...

That's why I suggested adding an alternate icon with a red dot -- I suppose
a program can tell the OS to change it, like it does with the title? Not
sure, though...

> I don’t know... We still got customers complaining when we
> introduced a feature only available in XP SP3 and up(!) without proper
> fallback.

Yes, in general, but for ZTree?

> > Another scenario where this is of no use is a setup where the user
> > auto-hides the Taskbar. I never do this, but, I often watch content
> in full screen (F11), which also hides the Taskbar.
> In which case all the other scenarios described in this thread are of
> equal use, i.e. none.

True. The user is implicitly saying "no notifications".

>I expect that nobody would want to see ZTreeWin's progress when they’re
>watching full-screen content, unless perhaps an auditory notification
>when it’s finished.

Well, some users may actually watch a few episodes of, say, Mr. Robot,
in full screen, because they are waiting for a long operation to finish :-)

I have used a macro in the past that beeped after an operation and
had a ZEP somewhere: one beep for OK, two or more for other conditions.

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