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[Discuss] Deleting Files in a Sorted Directory   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Dec 14,2017 at 15:40
In Response to: [Discuss] Deleting Files in a Sorted Directory (Steve Fields)

> I have someone working on a directory with around 100K files in it.
> When he is done working on it, he only wants to keep a few.
> I will tag all the files, and untag the files he wishes to keep.
> I would like to show him how fast it is to delete the unwanted files.
> Which is the fastest sort I should use?

I just tried changing the sort order when using Showall mode on a drive with 369,000 files on it. It takes a couple of seconds to change to any sort order I chose, including unsorted, so I don't think it's worth worrying about this.

Regarding the deletion operation, I assume the problem is that the ones he wants to keep are a bit random? Ie. it's easy to delete all with Explorer, difficult to delete all but a few?

Once upon a time in Windows Explorer, you would control+A to select all, then carefully unselect some with control+click. Forget to press control, and all the selections would be lost.

Now you can turn on Item Check Boxes and do the same thing with less risk. It's still much easier to lose your ticks than it is with tags in Ztree, eg by changing the sort order. Why is MS so slow to make this kind of operation easy?

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