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[Discuss] Deleting Files in a Sorted Directory   [Discuss]

By: Steve Fields   Homepage   no longer ALASKA  
Date: Dec 14,2017 at 18:21
In Response to: [Discuss] Deleting Files in a Sorted Directory (Peter Shute)


Well, unless you've timed deleting 50K-100K files, then sorting does matter.

Why should the hard drive reader bounce around hundreds of paths to a branch when the computer has the Order already laid out in the File Allocation Table.

Question is how to properly sychronize that Order with the Z-Tree {ALT-S} settings.

G'day mate!

> I just tried changing the sort order when using Showall mode on a drive
> with 369,000 files on it. It takes a couple of seconds to change to any
> sort order I chose, including unsorted, so I don't think it's worth
> worrying about this.
> Regarding the deletion operation, I assume the problem is that the ones
> he wants to keep are a bit random? Ie. it's easy to delete all with
> Explorer, difficult to delete all but a few?
> Once upon a time in Windows Explorer, you would control+A to select
> all, then carefully unselect some with control+click. Forget to press
> control, and all the selections would be lost.
> Now you can turn on Item Check Boxes and do the same thing with less
> risk. It's still much easier to lose your ticks than it is with tags in
> Ztree, eg by changing the sort order. Why is MS so slow to make this kind
> of operation easy?

> > I have someone working on a directory with around 100K files in
> it.
> >
> > When he is done working on it, he only wants to keep a few.
> >
> > I will tag all the files, and untag the files he wishes to keep.
> >
> > I would like to show him how fast it is to delete the unwanted files.
> >
> > Which is the fastest sort I should use?

Rock On!

~ ~ ~ Steve Fields

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