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By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Dec 22,2017 at 04:59
In Response to: [Q] Control-Rename annoyance (Ryan)

> hi,
> ztree's control-rename function had been cycling through these obvious
> choices
> Tab all upp.cap
> Tab all lower.low
> .
> .
> .
> but while ago, it included the variation of a single filename string,
> it is now cyclic through a chosen single filename string variation only.
> my question is how to stop the single filename string variation in
> control-rename function?
> how do i go back to the old method?

In ZTreeWin v2.4.179, [Ctrl-R]ename starts with the prompt "RENAME 6 tagged files to: *.*".
Pressing [Tab] at that point will remove the "to *.*" prompt, and add an option [Tab] Word Caps.cap. Pressing [Tab] 3 more times will cycle through these options:

  • *.Cap
  • all lower.Cap
Pressing [Tab] yet another time will reinstate the "to: HighLighted.File" editable prompt with the highlighted filename (as-is), and from then on, [Tab] will cycle that specific file name between Word Caps, ALL CAPS and all lower; and it will keep repeating these last three.

The easiest way to get back to the generic option is to press [ESC]ape. Alternatively, you can just remove the file name (pressing DEL once ought to suffice, since the text is selected by default), and press [Tab] again.

If you don’t want the highlighted file name to appear at all, teach yourself to press [Shift-Tab] instead of [Tab] once you're in the [Ctrl-R]ename prompt. That'll cycle between the generic options without falling into the highlighted file name.

I actually expected the option to be useful for changing upper/lowercase after editing the file name into a rename mask, but once the highlighted file name has been altered, [Tab] doesn't do anything anymore.


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