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[Discuss] Deleting Files in a Sorted Directory   [Discuss]

By: Graeme Hoose       
Date: Dec 26,2017 at 05:57
In Response to: [Discuss] Deleting Files in a Sorted Directory (Steve Fields)

> Why should the hard drive reader bounce around hundreds of paths to a
> branch when the computer has the Order already laid out in the FAT (MFT.)
> Question is how to properly synchronize that Order with the Z-Tree
> {ALT-S} settings.
> G'day mate!

I've recently done CTRL_Search for several different strings on 967,000 files and I can assure you that Unsorting first makes a noticeable difference.
Deleting might be similar except that all the work is done in the MFT.
Ascending and Descending don't make any difference to Unsorted.

What happened to "Rock On" mate?


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