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[OT] Google and Goggles fails!   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 03,2018 at 15:43
In Response to: [OT] Google and Goggles fails! (Paul Laufer)

> The big ring was what made me think of it being a classroom
> demonstrator of some type, designed to be handed around like a key ring.

Maybe, but I just can't get my head wrapped around the idea that traditional
IT classes still actually exist, with YouTube and other sources of information.

Who would bother creating such a gadget just to demostrate all the USB
connectors in existence, which may and do change regularly? Just do a Google
image search, or go to Wikipedia.

How many of these would actually sell in the education market to make it
worth the effort?

I still think it's a simple, passive, adapter. But the shape still puzzles me.

Where is Andrew when we need him?

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