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[Q] F5 Skip junctions   [Q]

By: Nick Williams     West Sussex, England (forum time +5 hrs)  
Date: Jan 23,2018 at 11:04

Hi Kim,

I'm currently running ZTreeW64 v2.4.181.

When logging a directory branch, I keep forgetting to check the state of the "F5 Skip junctions (yes/no )" toggle.

It catches me out particularly because the setting is now "sticky" across ZTW sessions (as of v2.4.173/4, I think).

I'd like to be able to always set F5 to "no" by using a "/K" command-line macro, but for that to work, an "F12 Reset" option is required, e.g. /K"L,F12,F5,Esc,"

Is there any other way to guarantee the state of the "F5 Skip junctions" setting at start-up ? If not, please would you consider adding an "F12 Reset" ?

Also, for consistency, should the "F5 Skip junctions (yes/no )" option be added to the [Ctrl][L]og "SWITCH TO ANOTHER DISK DRIVE" menu as well ?

Many thanks for making the most comprehensive and powerful file manager in existence -- I'm really pleased to see you've reached a new BETA !

Kind regards

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