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[Q] F5 Skip junctions   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 30,2018 at 17:00
In Response to: [Q] F5 Skip junctions (Nick Williams)

> I'm currently running ZTreeW64 v2.4.181.
> When logging a directory branch, I keep forgetting to check the state
> of the "F5 Skip junctions (yes/no )" toggle.
> It catches me out particularly because the setting is now "sticky"
> across ZTW sessions (as of v2.4.173/4, I think).

Which implies you sometimes enable it.

> I'd like to be able to always set F5 to "no" by using a "/K"
> command-line macro, but for that to work, an "F12 Reset" option is
> required, e.g. /K"L,F12,F5,Esc,"
> Is there any other way to guarantee the state of the "F5 Skip
> junctions" setting at start-up ? If not, please would you consider
> adding an "F12 Reset" ?

I (and some other forum users) have for a long time wanted a "global reset to defaults key" or at least a macro DEFAULTS mnemonic to enable macros to get consistent results.

> Also, for consistency, should the "F5 Skip junctions (yes/no )"
> option be added to the [Ctrl][L]og "SWITCH TO ANOTHER DISK DRIVE" menu
> as well ?

Generally Ctrl-Log is meant to be used to switch to an already logged drive, but with the combination of CO-1V and forgetting which drives are already logged and not checking first, yes Ctrl-L should have the same options as Log.

Some options

Depending on your usage, using Treespec(;),F8 to take you to the destination of a junction might be enough.

My first thought was to use ZNOLOG.INI to exclude locations to log, which is how I work, but you want to log junctions by default, maybe you work with local and remote systems with different configs.
Anyway you might want to exclude some locations so check that file, it's called ZNOLOG.IN_ in the distribution and you might need to copy to %AppData%\ZTreeWin depending on where you install ZTree to.

In a ZTree startup script (cmd, powershell, ...) edit the zt= line of ZTW.HST to set column 35 (1 indexed) to 0

ZEP for a YACO on page one to add this option "Disk logging skip junctions=(Sticky, Yes, No)"

More generically ZEP for F12 to be a global reset to defaults key and/or a DEFAULTS macro mnemonic.

ZEP for Ctrl-Log to have the same options as Log.


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