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[Q] F12 yes!, YACO ok   [Q]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jan 31,2018 at 02:48
In Response to: [Q] F5 Skip junctions (Ben Kent)

> 5.
> More generically ZEP for F12 to be a global 'reset to defaults' key
> and/or a DEFAULTS macro mnemonic.

Unconditionally YES! I'd strongly support this ZEP.
Does anyone know if F12 in command prompts is occupied for another function currently?
Interesting that 'Make directory' already supports F12.

BTW, F12 Reset would even make sense in (Ctrl-)Log, F3 'All mode'.
This is sticky between sessions and not influenced by CO-1P/Q.

> 4.
> ZEP for a YACO on page one to add this option
> "Disk logging skip junctions=(Sticky, Yes, No)"

This would be a general and clear solution. Thus it can be adapted to fit the user's needs.


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