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Thank you for an excellent, detailed response   [Q]

By: Nick Williams     West Sussex, England (forum time +5 hrs)  
Date: Feb 01,2018 at 21:16
In Response to: [Q] F5 Skip junctions (Ben Kent)

Firstly, thank you Ben, for an excellent and detailed response -- I very much appreciate it.

> > When logging a directory branch, I keep forgetting to check the state
> > of the "F5 Skip junctions (yes/no )" toggle.
> >
> > It catches me out particularly because the setting is now "sticky"
> > across ZTW sessions (as of v2.4.173/4, I think).
> Which implies you sometimes enable it.
Yes, that's right, I do sometimes. For 90% of the time I want to log junction points as if they were normal subdirectory trees.
But occasionally, for example, if I want to make an ad-hoc backup of my Windows profile, I would set "F5 Skip junctions" to "yes" so as to skip the vast amount of data in "Music", "Pictures" and "Videos" (and some other key directories).
The trouble is, I keep forgetting about this (now) "sticky" setting when I next start ZTreeWin.
> > I'd like to be able to always set F5 to "no" by using a "/K"
> > command-line macro, but for that to work, an "F12 Reset" option is
> > required, e.g. /K"L,F12,F5,Esc,"
> >
> > Is there any other way to guarantee the state of the "F5 Skip
> > junctions" setting at start-up ? If not, please would you consider
> > adding an "F12 Reset" ?
> I (and some other forum users) have for a long time wanted a "global
> reset to defaults key" or at least a macro DEFAULTS mnemonic to enable
> macros to get consistent results.
I didn't realise this, but it is a trully excellent idea -- it gets my full support!
> > Also, for consistency, should the "F5 Skip junctions (yes/no )"
> > option be added to the [Ctrl][L]og "SWITCH TO ANOTHER DISK DRIVE" menu
> > as well ?
> Generally Ctrl-Log is meant to be used to switch to an already logged
> drive, but with the combination of CO-1V and forgetting which drives are
> already logged and not checking first, yes Ctrl-L should have the same
> options as Log.
> Some options
> 1.
> Depending on your usage, using Treespec(;),F8 to take you to the
> destination of a junction might be enough.
Given the way I work with ZTreeWin, I don't think this option will help me.
> 2.
> My first thought was to use ZNOLOG.INI to exclude locations to log,
> which is how I work, but you want to log junctions by default, maybe you
> work with local and remote systems with different configs.
> Anyway you might want to exclude some locations so check that file,
> it's called ZNOLOG.IN_ in the distribution and you might need to copy to
> %AppData%\ZTreeWin depending on where you install ZTree to.
Yes, I already use ZNOLOG.INI extensively, e.g. to log (several) entire Windows installations, without stalling on "Access Denied" type errors, etc.
However, I don't really want to make any ZNOLOG.INI "rules" to solve this problem.
> 3.
> In a ZTree startup script (cmd, powershell, ...) edit the zt= line of
> ZTW.HST to set column 35 (1 indexed) to 0
Yes, I have been thinking about doing just this ! I already "hack" ZTW.HST to allow me to specify the "default" (i.e. last used) [F9] Menu *.ZAM script to invoke on [F9].
My ZTreeWin startup CMD script allows me to navigate multiple [F9] menu scripts in a hierarchical tree-like structure. I also exploit ZCOLORS.INI to provide date/time dependent colour changes.
(Sorry, I digress.)
As a general philosophy, I would prefer not to "hack" ZTreeWin to tweak it for my needs -- I would much prefer to see Kim add the necessary ingredients into the core product.
> 4.
> ZEP for a YACO on page one to add this option "Disk logging skip
> junctions=(Sticky, Yes, No)"
Yes, that's it - perfect ! I fully support that.
> 5.
> More generically ZEP for F12 to be a global reset to defaults key
> and/or a DEFAULTS macro mnemonic.
As stated earlier, this (in my view) is an excellent idea. I think your options #4 and #5 should BOTH be implemented.
> 6.
> ZEP for Ctrl-Log to have the same options as Log.
Yes, I think [Ctrl][L]og should have equivalent options, after all, it is essentially a variant of [L]og.
Thanks again, Ben. Great stuff.

Kind regards

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