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[Discuss] Navigating directly to a specific file   [Discuss]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Mar 02,2018 at 22:34
In Response to: [Discuss] Navigating directly to a specific file (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> I can't remember, and could not find it in help: is navigating directly to a specific file possible with ZTree?
> Does anybody have a need for this - jumping to a file from command line and/or from within ZTree? Instantly, zero navigation.
> Background: I've just created a file form the command line,
> C:\Windows\System32\sleepstudy-report.html
> and I want to View it from ZTree, without having to navigate to it. I also sometimes grab full filespecs from other file managers and tools and would like to have them instantly in focus in ZTree.
> [1] Pasting the above filespec into "f" says Error: Invalid filter and stops.
> [2] Pasting into '\' works until the "C:\Windows\System32\" part, requiring hitting Enter and navigating to the file using the usual means. So, ZTree knew how much of the input to keep and discard the rest, but leaves some manual work for the user.
> In case [2], it acts smart and helps the user somewhat; in case [1], it is not very helpful.
> What could be done in both cases is to analyze the full spec and then - and only then - jump to that file, if it exists! Otherwise, we may end up with the wrong file in focus (in the current dir, not the one pasted into the prompt). If the exact spec does not exist, the current behavior remains, although case [1] could be improved.
> Just wondering if Kim could come up with a ZI way (Ztree Intelligence?) to deduce what the user actually wants and put the requested file in focus? Of course, without breaking macros and others areas I haven't considered.

Based on the-above case [2] -- pasting the path + filename into '\' ...

Perhaps Kim could arrange for something like the following?

Pasting the path + filename string into the Treespec input line, and then pressing the Enter key -- if necessary, preceded by using (for example) a new 'F9' command -- would thereby transfer the cursor to that directory, and simultaneously apply the filename as a filter. ... Or, optionally, instead of displaying only that one file, starting with a filter such as: *file*name*.* (in place of the filename) ...could display a group of related file names, to select from.

In any case, whether or not the file you seek is found in the targeted directory, simply pressing the '[' key should return the cursor to the starting directory...


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