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[ZEP] An Improvement for the Directory History behavior...   [ZEP]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Mar 08,2018 at 06:08

It would be useful to "share" some of the History Lists, by using the 'Tab' key to navigate back-and-forth between those lists. Currently this two-way sharing of History lists is done, for example, with the Rename command, between Filemode and Dirmode History lists.

Specifically, it would be quite helpful to add sharing of the History lists for the following two commands -- where the commands, and their Histories, are accessed in Filemode's Directory view:

1) The Treespec ('\') History List. ... Where two-way 'Tab' access can be shared with:

2) The "(C)ompare file list in... [the highlighted directory] -- "With..." (with = the specified, History-listed directory).

( However, sharing access for these two History lists from within Dirmode, functions differently, and is NOT recommended as an addition.)


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