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[Discuss] Repeating the same dumb mistake   [Discuss]

By: Liviu       
Date: Mar 08,2018 at 20:05
In Response to: [Discuss] Repeating the same dumb mistake (Peter Shute)

> I just tried to tag all files in a branch that weren't compressed,
> and got inconsistent results. [...] I just needed to relog the branch.

That means changes were made to the fileset outside ZTree. This is precisely the case which requires a relog in order to refresh ZTree's logged information. Also, from the linked post...

> I assume the tagging is done with logged information, and Alt+Info works live?

All flavors of [T]ag work on the logged fileset (*). Alt-Info, on the other hand, displays additional information which is not logged (owner, version etc), and that information can only be retrieved on demand i.e. "live". (*) See also CO1R/S/T/U for options that control automatic refresh.


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