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[Discuss] Navigating directly to a specific file - Yes please   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Mar 10,2018 at 11:23
In Response to: [Discuss] Navigating directly to a specific file (Slobodan Vujnovic)

Sorry for my late answer, I caught a serious cold and now am nearly recovered.

> [2] Pasting into '\' (Treespec) works until the "C:\Windows\System32\" part,
> requiring hitting Enter and navigating to the file using the usual means.
> So, ZTree knew how much of the input to keep and discard the rest,
> but leaves some manual work for the user.
> ...
> What could be done in both cases is to analyze the full spec and
> then - and only then - jump to that file, if it exists!

Stunning idea!  I also wrote a ZEP for it half a year ago ( http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=120769 ).

My PRO argument:
- Often you have obtained a full path/file from Explorer (it supports this!, but only with Shift), or from other file managers,
or from another ZTree session, so in this case it's a qualified location.

If the named path/file does exist (means, is found by ZTree), ZTree should highlight it.
Which may include logging the directory. Don't know if ZTree should also RE-log the dir if it doesn't find the file. Should be discussed.

If the named path/file does not exist, we should carefully design how ZTree should behave, in order to lose as little as possible of the given input.

Here my suggestions:
a) If the path is not found by ZTree (perhaps due to special chars in it), ZTree should beep, and Treespec should stay open.

b) If the path is found, ZTree should go to it, and log it if not yet done.

[ If the file is found, ZTree should enter FW and highlight the file - this is the 'ok case'. ]

c) If the current Filter spec prevents highlighting the file, ZTree should reset it to *.* (, then enter FW and highlight the file).

d) If the file is not found (perhaps due to special chars in the filename), ZTree should put the filename part into Filter History.
So the user (who has learned that he can find it there) can hit f, F3 and examine/alter the filespec, e.g. hit F5 Fuzzy, and try again.

My 2 cents.
Please give feedback.


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