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[ZEP] A new Tree Branch display 'collapse' function   [ZEP]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Mar 12,2018 at 17:24

This proposal is for a new Tree Branch display collapse- and re-expand- function, to be used in the Directory View.

This new display function will enable or improve the display of (at least) two (2) same-level directories or directory branches, simultaneously, when those directories or branches are separated by numerous, or large, 'multi-level' directory branches... In some cases, there should be a similar display improvement when viewing directory branches that are not same-level 'neighbors' -- if multiple applications of this new command can be used completely independently.

Hopefully, this new display function will be controlled by using the 'Shift-F5' and 'Shift-F6' key commands, to collapse or re-expand the affected branches -- except, possibly not the 'current' directory branch, itself, where the highlight bar is, when the commands are used. (The current directory branch would still be collapsible, by using the existing F5 and F6 key commands.)

( Note:... ZTW's existing Shift-F5 and Shift-F6 key command assignments appear to be unnecessary -- because they're 'duplicate' key commands, that seem to now operate exactly the SAME as the 'Non-Shifted' F5 and F6 key commands...)


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