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[Wish] Is there a Collapsed-Logging option, in ZNOLOG.INI ?   [Wish]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: Mar 15,2018 at 06:21

In general, ZTW's Logged files can (optionally) be displayed in Branch, Showall, or Global Views -- including when those Directories are Collapsed, via the F5 and F6 commands.

Currently, when a Branch (including an entire Drive), is Logged... the ZNOLOG.INI file can be used to block the Logging and display (in any View) of specified Branches, or sub-Branches -- after their full-paths are listed in that INI file.

I need a similar provision, either within ZNOLOG.INI -- or perhaps, using a similar, new 'ZHIDELOG.INI' file -- to do F5 and F6 -style 'hidden logging' of specified directories -- when their full-paths are listed in the new INI file.

( This way, the hidden files in the hidden directories, can still be displayed and accessed in Branch, Showall, and Global Views -- when not otherwise blocked by the ZNOLOG.INI file.)

One goal is to hide seldom-used or very-large brances from view, to make navigation more convenient.



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