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[Q] Split Windows   [Q]

By: Ron Metzger       
Date: Mar 16,2018 at 16:09
In Response to: [Q] Split Windows (Marcel)

> I have been using ZTree for what seems like forever, but use
> probably not more than 20% of its capabilities. I need some advice on
> working with split windows.
> I am running split windows (F8) most of the time because I shuffle a
> lot of files around. Here is my question: What are the config options to
> give each window a maximum of independence? I would like to be able to
> relog (Alt-R, Alt-R) each side independently, even if they point to the
> same drive. Likewise, I am looking for independent filter and sort
> options for each half.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Marcel

ZTree creates only 1 'List' of files/paths Per Drive Letter.
So splitting (f8) the same drive letter links the logging, making them Dependent.

To force independence,
.. On Local drives use the Subst command at the root level to create an independent list
.. On Network drives use Net Use command to the same level as the original network use command.

In both cases, you create a new Drive Letter which ZTree handles independently.

Be aware, changes made on one side is NOT shown on the other; they are independent and the system can get confusing. Re-Logging on the opposing side is needed to reflect changes to be seen on the each other.

Ron Metzger

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