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[OT] Many deletes slows and stops   [OT]

By: Donald_SBC       
Date: Mar 19,2018 at 10:03
In Response to: [OT] Many deletes slows and stops (Alan P Brown)

This video shows the speed. It appears to take what seems a second for each file. In this example I am using JP Software's TCC to do this command DEL /SXYZ MYDATA_DAY2
Params mean process Sub dirs, remove empty dirs, Yes to all prompts, del hidden and read only

It is almost like it is doing a wipe on the space the file occupied.

Video to give feel of speed. https://youtu.be/SvynxtG727U

> > It seems to run faster if I allow the Recycle Bin to be used.
> >
> > Using ZTreeW64 v2.4.182
> >
> Which I would have thought was normal, because it then becomes a move
> rather than a delete. You will incur the delete overhead when the file
> is deleted from the recycle bin; which may not be noticeable because it
> could be over a period of time. Of course, if you empty the recycle bin,
> you will get an idea whether that is any different from the time being
> taken by ZTree.

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