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Search Alt-Up in the help file   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Mar 20,2018 at 18:18
In Response to: Search Alt-Up in the help file (Ben Kent)

> > F7 toggles between the size defined in CO2A/B and a small size. Is
> > there a way to define what that small size is?

I meant Alt+F7

> Alt-Up/Down
> lines 296, 427, 2939, 4282, 8197 in the 2.4.181 ztw.hlp file
> The state is probably persisted in the ZTW.INI file

I meant the size of the entire window, not the file/dir windows.

I was wrong about CO2A/B. They define the initial size on startup. Alt+F7 then toggles between maximum and a smaller size.

Section 1.10 in the help suggests the small size is 96x43 unless you've used Alt+F8 or Alt+F9 to change it during the session, but it looks like it's back to 96x43 if you restart Ztree.

I'm wondering if the /ROWS switch can help.

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