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[OT] Many deletes slows and stops (AV?)   [OT]

By: Donald_SBC       
Date: Mar 20,2018 at 21:52
In Response to: [OT] Many deletes slows and stops (AV?) (Donald_SBC)

I fixed the problem by putting a TASKKILL command to terminate the program at the top of the batch file. But it took a second or two to die. The MB forum supplied some insight. The ransom ware checking function appears to have problems. They gave me the name of the driver and I kill that instead. Much faster. They also said they are working on the problem.

> It was Malwarebytes 3.4.4
> I have posted in their forum for a solution.
> > > It is almost like it is doing a wipe on the space the file
> > occupied.
> >
> > Check your AV software. Often they are configured to scan the entire
> > file and possibly do a full secure overwrite on Deletion of a file.
> >
> > Let us know if your AV is Involved.
> >
> > Ron Metzger

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