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/rows:max /cols:189 (and more)   [Help!]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Mar 21,2018 at 02:53
In Response to: Search Alt-Up in the help file (Peter Shute)

> I want maximum height, but only 189 wide, and I want it positioned far left.

First, use /ROWS:MAX /COLS:189 in your ZTree launching shortcut.

Secondly: to prevent the Alt-F7 size extending beyond the screen borders,
you may add /MAX=-1:-2 to the shortcut (needs double quotes in a batch file: /MAX"="-1:-2). This reduces the Alt-F7 size by 1 row, 2 cols.
(You may as well try -0 instead of -1 or -2 if desired.)

> I tried setting /COLS:189, but then it started a bit to the right.

The (initial) position of the ZTree window is stored in the ZTree launching shortcut.
So you should
- generally uncheck 'window position: automatic' in the shortcut properties
- position the window by mouse (or by Alt-F7 then Shift-Alt-F8 to reduce cols -keeps Alt-F7 left position!),
- then open the window properties (no change needed) and resave it (OK). Now the position is remembered for the next launch.

> And Alt+F7 loses that setting anyway.

Hopefully no longer after these changes :)


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