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Apostrophe key / German: Agree   [Discuss]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Mar 26,2018 at 17:02
In Response to: Clarifying the suggested key assignment (John Gruener)

> On the US keyboard the single quote (also called the "apostrophe") is
> not recognized as a Spell Search character, leaving it open for this
> assignment. However, on the German and Canadian keyboards, the single quote
> requires the Shift key, apparently making it active in Spell Search.

Indeed. If I hit Apostrophe (with Shift) on the German keyboard, ZTree prompts
No Match: '*.*
(provided there is no filename starting with Apostrophe).

> If we assign this key for this direct file navigation function,
> it would need to be removed from Spell Search on those keyboards, so it
> works the same as on the US keyboard.

- Filenames starting with Apostrophe seem quite seldom (at least in my projects in my company),
- in case one wants to spell-search files starting with Apostrophe, he can launch Prompted Spell Search ("|" key).


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