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Resetting Active Mode Spell Search   [Help!]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Mar 27,2018 at 17:14
In Response to: It's not that, it has changed at some point... ! (John Leslie)

> > > So I wanted to find a file starting with a Z in a directory sorted
> > > by date (my interest was in the files either side of it).
> > > I hit Shift-Z and it takes me to the first file, but then it's not the
> > > way I remembered (quite likely my fault) as I can't move past those
> > > files and search for a Z again as it just looks for ZZ?

> > You have CO-6H "Active Mode Spell Search" set to "Yes," enabling
> > you to spell out the name. Just press the double quote to repeat the
> > search for the single Z.
> >
> > - John

> Yes, that's what I want. However I thought I could start again after
> doing other things, rather than continuing from the last pattern.

It depends on what "other things" you do. If you start any other command (even without finishing it) or leave the File Window and come back, Active Mode Spell Search resets like you want. This includes every command shown on the File Window menu. IOW, virtually anything other than a navigation or function key.

With that said, it does appear there has been a change since 158. In that version even a navigation key caused Active Mode Spell Search to reset. If this was not an intentional change due to a request (or Kim's preference) then it may be a bug.

- John

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