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Bonus for 10...   [Help!]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Apr 02,2018 at 08:46
In Response to: Bonus for 10... (John Leslie)

> It seems to have its own history, is there a way to either use the
> rename/etc. one or poke stuff into it, e.g. the file name under the
> cursor (as I'll often be basing the name on an existing file).

Yes. Make an F9 menu entry for:

Copy Nul "%1.nul"

This creates a zero length file with the same name as the file in focus (in a FW), but with an added .nul extension ready for easy renaming. (In a DW, a zero length file is created in the focus directory's parent with the focus directory name and .nul appended.)

Namaste', Art

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