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[ZEP] Selective Branch Collapse   [ZEP]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Apr 02,2018 at 21:01

I am sure I am not alone in having many directories with a huge number of sub-dirs and wanting to work with just one or two. While the Shft-Numpad-Minus works great to hide non-essential directories it is an error prone pain to apply it to hundreds of sub-folders.

I would like to suggest an extension to the hide directory command to hide all directories at the current focus level EXCEPT the focus directory, perhaps using Alt-Shft-Minus or Cntl-Shft-Minus. This would be very useful as it would make it quick and convenient to collapse a large branch to a single sub-branch. Hopefully, this would be fairly easy to implement.

Harder to implement but much more useful would be the ability to hide all except two (or more), directories. With current logging restrictions, this would be very useful in dual pane mode. Or implementing single directory unhide (need a good name for this), in combination with independent logging for split window mode would open more possibilities.

Of course implementing both multiple "unhidden" directories and independent split window logging would be awesome! It would take a bit of discussion re the UI and how it would play with current commands. For example, Alt-Shft-Minus could collapse a branch except for the in focus folder, left arrow followed by plus currently restores the branch display but how about a simple way to restore the collapsed branch? Alt-Shft-Plus??

What other operations would be fitting?

Namaste', Art

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