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[Help!] How do avoid this ? SOLVED! Thank you!   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Apr 07,2018 at 12:44
In Response to: [Help!] How do avoid this ? (Ben Kent)

> Try
> Properties
> Layout tab
> untick "Let system position window"
> Set the position you like

This didn't address console screen wrapping.

> Set this to turn off the new features for all consoles
> "ForceV2"=dword:00000000

This is it!

I created two small *.reg files that I placed within ZTree folder to enable/disable console wrapping at will. ZTree must be restarted for the change to be effective.


Thank you !

> You might need to append /kALT_F7 to your ZTree command line.

Full screen is not what I want here, but interesting tup nevertheless.

Thank you very much.
You made my day!

Laurent Duchastel

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