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[Help!] How do avoid this ? SOLVED! Thank you!   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Apr 07,2018 at 22:27
In Response to: [Help!] How do avoid this ? SOLVED! Thank you! (Antti)

> Thus I am a bit confused now (not yet using Win10). Are the display
> issues with the legacy console mode avoided, when using the *.reg way?

Not at all.

But I changed my stance after Ben's suggestion, having played enough time with parameters to allow me to better customize my experience in legacy mode, mostly font.

The issue in question in legacy mode was related to the fact that my Surface Pro is 2736 x 1824 while external monitors I used with it are standard 1980 x 1080. Switching back and forth from external to inbuilt screen results sometime in having ZTree (and any other console) being displayed in the wrong font size. Using Consolas 16 does not seem to trigger the same issue as for now.

As for the reg thing, I like it because I often use ZTree on guest computers. I prefer a reg solution than a lnk one.

Laurent Duchastel

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