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[Q] Search at start of line   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Apr 28,2018 at 15:15
In Response to: [Q] Search at start of line (David Bullock)

> Greetings everyone!
> Does anyone know of a way to search all tagged files for instances of
> "LLX" (fer instance) at the start of a line; i.e., in positions 1-3 ?
> The version of Linux used at our office here uses a carat character (^)
> to accomplish this, but I do not know if Windows or ZTree has a similar
> ability.
> Thanks for any insight!
> -db

As the others have said ZTree does not do Regular Expressions, they have been requested a few times over the years.

The /b switch of findstr.exe does beginning of string
i.e. something like this

findstr /m /b /l "LLX" d:\dir\*.*

findstr does do basic Regular Expressions, but if you need what you expect from *nix RE's then do a search for the GnuWin32 or cygwin tools for windows.


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