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[Help!] Alt-copy, 3 options not enough?   [Help!]

By: Alan Smedley     Sydney Australia  
Date: May 12,2018 at 02:40
In Response to: [Help!] Alt-copy, 3 options not enough? (Leonard R. Miller)

> I'm ready to copy my 32 Gb of user files to my new Win 10 desktop.
> I know, I should know better as I've been using Ztree for more than 20
> years but I never have understood completely the 3 options available.
> So I tagged 2 of my jpg files as a test. Here's what they look like at
> the source:
> D:\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChain.jpg
> D:\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\img0809.jpg
> At the destination, here's what they look like:
> Option 1 (Paths are full)
> c:\users\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\GoldChain.jpg
> c:\users\users\Box sync\Photos\Judy\Jewelry\img0809.jpg
> Option 2 (Paths are current)
> c:\users\Jewelry\GoldChain.jpg
> c:\users\Jewelry\img0809.jpg
> Option 3 (Paths are relative)
> c:\users\GoldChain.jpg
> c:\users\img0809.jpg
> I mostly like option 1 except that it has a redundant USERS directory.
> What am I missing?


It would appear to me that you have had the dual panes selected via F8 in ZtreeWIN.

In the source window you have correctly selected the files but in the destination window you have selected the sub-directory where you want the files to be copied to and not just the root of that drive where you want them copied to.

To clarify when you tagged the files selected their details will include the full path. So you only select the root of the destination drive. That is providing that you wish to duplicate the path that was used on the source.

Hope this helps...

Alan Smedley

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