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[Help!] Ztree mostly not working says this dunce (me) 2.4.179   [Help!]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: May 12,2018 at 22:07

Yes, I feel like a dunce trying to set up this new desktop without my trusty right hand, Ztree Win.

I had it working yesterday, got it mostly configured, had an icon assigned to my bottom tray, ready to do some serious work today. Well, as serious as it can get while having been retired for 15 years.

This morning I went to launch Ztree and the tray was missing the launch icon. That's a slap in the face with all that configuration work down the drain.

Now, I'm trying again but I can't even configure Ztree as Alt-F10 doesn't work, nor any of the function keys for that matter.

I know I'm missing something here but am at a loss to what it is.

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