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Do you have a 'Fn'' key on your keyboard?   [Help!]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: May 12,2018 at 22:40
In Response to: Do you have a 'FnLock'' key on your keyboard? (Kim Henkel)

I've seen some new laptops that highjack the F1 - F12 keys for their own "more important" hardware functions, like screen brightness up & down, sound level up & down & mute, DVD play & pause & rewind & fast forward, etc., etc.

You then have to press & hold the "Fn" key to use the F1 - F12 keys! Cause, you know, [sarcasm] modern software doesn't use those keys anymore, do they? Thanks, pc makers for making our lives easier/better. [/sarcasm]. :-(

But, if you to go into the CMOS configuration, with F2 at bootup or the like, to set the F1 - F12 as default, THEN you press and hold the "Fn" key to get the hardware functions. AND you get your default F1 - F12 keys back!!!

Hope this helps. ;-)

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