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[ZEP] Freeze ZTree state   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: May 18,2018 at 04:54

I'm currently fighting some NAS firmware bugs (hey, had an unexpected reboot during a RAID rebuild last night, such happiness). I spend a bit of time comparing the NAS with its backup, but that's tricky as parts of it are backed up in two different places.

What I'd like is:

(1) The option to freeze ZTree's state so it won't look at the disk and update the files/stats as you move around the tree (for all logged data).

(2) Add a message to the top of the Window showing this has happened with a user-supplied addition, e.g. "FROZEN (Pre Rebuild)" where "Pre Rebuild" was a user entry.

(3) This to survive a ZLog save/load (so I can compare states from a long time ago with the current, e.g. when I think something has gone missing).

Also a way to exit the frozen state.

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