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[ZEP] Selective Branch Collapse-Clarification   [ZEP]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: May 20,2018 at 01:34
In Response to: [ZEP] Selective Branch Collapse (Art Kocsis)

> I am sure I am not alone in having many directories with a huge
> number of sub-dirs and wanting to work with just one or two. While the
> Shft-Numpad-Minus works great to hide non-essential directories it is an
> error prone pain to apply it to hundreds of sub-folders.
> I would like to suggest an extension to the hide directory command to
> hide all directories at the current focus level EXCEPT the focus
> directory, perhaps using Alt-Shft-Minus or Cntl-Shft-Minus. This would be
> very useful as it would make it quick and convenient to collapse a large
> branch to a single sub-branch. Hopefully, this would be fairly easy to
> implement.

Thanks for the interest.

I guess I wasn't overly clear with my original post so let me clarify.

I have literally millions of files, thousands of folders and dozens of logical volumes on a multitude of hard disk drives. without ZTree it would be near impossible to navigate this environment let alone manage it. Fortunately, we have ZTree.

In order to manage and access this trove of data I have mostly relied on organizing it via directory trees and file naming conventions. I have tried various DB apps but they don't fit my needs: They require a lot of extra work to enter the data, the entries are not conveniently visible (unlike ZTree's simple View or F5/View) and are not amenable to restructuring. As I collect more data, have better insights, just want to try different approaches, I quite frequently tweak my tree structures and files.

So, to get back to my ZEP. Mine is a dynamic environment. I am looking at / comparing / tweaking directories on the fly. Macros, Alt-Z commands, unique directory names, etc would not help as most specific actions are not repeated. F5 and F6 commands to collapse branches help tremendously but as Peter so rightly pointed out, there is a big difference between collapsing a branch and hiding it completely - especially as I would like to hide dozens at a time.

As I posted, the Shift-Numpad-Minus command is a useful for hiding a small number of directories. The only problem is that it doesn't scale up to easily hiding dozens (or more), of directories - for that you need the inverse - hide all *BUT* a small number of them.

This inverse functionality is what would be most useful and make the command shine. Hiding a small number of directories out of a large tree does not have a big impact whereas reducing the tree by 90-95% does. The difference is like finding someone is a crowd vs finding a small group on an otherwise empty field.

From the numerous requests for independent split window logging, I gather that I am not the only one using ZTree to organize/reorganizes their disk structures. Actually, the functionality from the synergy of implementing both of these features would be awesome.

Namaste', Art

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