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Here's another approach ... Bookmarks - simplified   [ZEP]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: May 20,2018 at 13:08
In Response to: Here's another approach ... (Bookmarks) (Bill Kingsbury)

> 1) Enter, then exit, the directories that you want to remain visible after
> the "excess" directories are collapsed.
> 2) Then use the F5 or F6 command to collapse (hide) all sub-branches of
> an upper-level branch.
> 3) Next, use the "F11 Bookmark List" to jump to your newly-Bookmarked
> directories.
> 4) This would require a change in the behavior of "jumping" to the
> Bookmarked directories -- for example, by adding a "Shift" option:
> In the F11 Bookmark menu, select (highlight) the target directory, and
> press Enter while holding down a Shift key, to execute the new behavior
> -- where all non-target directories and sub-directories would now remain
> collapsed (hidden).
> 5) To jump between several target directories, simply press the F11
> key, select a target directory, and then press Shift-Enter.

My previous Bookmark method (that's described above), can be simplified:

From the F11 Bookmark menu, select the target directory, and press Shift-Enter. (A new command.)

This one command would do the following::

Completely hide all same-level, neighboring directories and branches, other than the specific Target Directory.

Each Target Directory is first listed in the F11 Bookmark menu, by entering and then exiting them. (This is an existing function.)


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