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[ZEP] Selective Branch... 'No Show'   [ZEP]

By: Bill Kingsbury       
Date: May 20,2018 at 15:10
In Response to: [ZEP] Selective Branch Collapse (Art Kocsis)

> ... I would like to suggest an extension to the hide directory command
> to hide all directories at the current focus level EXCEPT the focus
> directory, perhaps using Alt-Shft-Minus or Cntl-Shft-Minus. This would be
> very useful as it would make it quick and convenient to collapse a large
> branch to a single sub-branch. ...

Here's a related new feature, that I commented on here:

"[Wish] Is there a Collapsed-Logging option, in ZNOLOG.INI ?"


ZTree allows Renaming, Viewing, Opening, etc., all Logged files that are currently Hidden (using F5 or F6) in collapsed directories -- by accessing those files in Branch, Showall, or Global Views.

Currently, when a Branch or Drive is Logged... the ZNOLOG.INI file can be used to block the Logging and display (in any View) of specified Branches (and their files) -- after the full-paths are listed in the INI file.

This new 'No Show Branch' ZEP proposes a somewhat similar feature -- using a similar, new 'ZNOSHOW.INI' file -- to do F5 and F6 type 'Hidden Logging' of specified directories -- after their full-paths are listed in the new 'ZNOSHOW.INI' file.

The goal is to Hide by default, seldom-used or very-Large branches from view -- in order to make Navigation in Directory View more convenient -- while still allowing immediate access to all of the hidden files (in Branch, Showall, or Global Views).

A related new command (such as Shift-F5 or Shift-F6) could then un-hide these hidden, logged branches... (Or maybe using the F5 or F6 commands 'twice' could work?)


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