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now, how to clear Spell search Active state?   [Help!]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: May 21,2018 at 11:27
In Response to: now, how to clear Spell search Active state? (Hartmut Schneider)

> In the current version, there's nearly no way to clear the Active
> state of active spell search (i.e. the color="#003399"> Search: line has a prompt).
> One can ESC and re-Enter File window. This clears Active state.
> But you will lose your file position in the FW - unless you have CO-3H
> (Maintain file position in each directory) = Yes.
> So I'd wish having the old behavior restored (clear Active state on
> cursor move).

I guess I hadn't noticed the change or just attributed it to my"senior mentality" and backspaced to correct it. So going back to 2.172 behavior is fine by me.

As far as clearing the spell search string, I would suggest Ctrl-Backspace. Presently, Ctrl-Backspace is used to once unlog a directory (in the DW) and three times to: clear an entire input line, script edit line or history search line. In fact, Ctrl-Backspace I would propose making Ctrl-Backspace a universal command to clear whatever input or other interactive string is current. Even the unlog directory behavior is a clear command in the "Clear entire" directory sense.

Namaste', Art

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