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[ZEP] Make "Ctrl-Backspace" a universal "Clear Line" command   [ZEP]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: May 21,2018 at 08:30

Triggered by the Spell-Search change discussion of 2.4.172, I propose expanding the current limited behavior of Ctrl-Backspace to be a universal "Clear Entire Line" command for any interactive user input line.

There are currently only four (help file), documented instances of Ctrl-Backspace command usage:

• 2.1.3 Delete the entire standard input line
• 2.3 To Unlog all files in the current directory (DW)
• 3.5.1 Delete the entire script edit line
• 3.6 Clear the entire current history search string

In addition to the documented instances, there are a number of undocumented instances of its usage:

File Filter input
Tree Spec Search
View F9 search string
Launching Programs
Keyboard Macros

Some (or all?), of these instances may fall under the "standard Input" umbrella. If so, the spell-search command may be the only command where Ctrl-Backspace does not work!

Expanding Ctrl-Backspace to apply universally is a natural extension to the consistent behavior of most of ZTree's command across different modes or operation. Even the unlog command is a clear all or delete logged status operation.

Going back to the Spell-Search quest for a clear string command, Ctrl-Backspace would have been a natural and expected behavior. [http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=121460]

Namaste', Art

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