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[Help!] Modifying 'properties' & making them 'stick'   [Help!]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: May 21,2018 at 09:57
In Response to: [Help!] Modifying 'properties' & making them 'stick' (David Wall)

> I know i've asked this sometime back when I moved to Win7 but
> can't for the life of me find it & now I'm running W10.
> How do I get the ZtreeWin windows to fit within the screensize - at
> present it sits at -4 -4 in layout & the width & height also refuse to
> stick with my changes.

Try Right-Clicking on ZTree's title bar and choose Properties.
Select Layout, uncheck "Let system position window" and set {Left, Top} to {0,0} or {2,0}. Play with the F10, CO-2 A & B settings to get what you want.

If you are launching ZTree via a shortcut:

• Check/Change the security level:
(Right click shortcut/Security) and make sure you have full control.
If not edit permissions:
(Security/Advanced/Permissions/Change Permissions/
(Select "Users...")/(Uncheck "Include inheritable...")/
Edit/(Check "Full Control")

• Run as Administrator (Right click shortcut/Compatibility/Check "Run this...")

Namaste', Art

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